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Innovative customer acquisition and retention tools

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A unique solution

As a merchant, you are certainly familiar with the effort required to acquire a new customer and retain that same customer. Unfortunately, acquisition and loyalty solutions currently on the market are invasive for your business (requires update to your in-store and / or e-commerce payment system, employee training, accounting and reconciliation of transactions, etc.). You deal with this because you are willing to do anything to provide your customers a memorable shopping experience.


Now there's a better way. Hello Network provides you with an all-in-one acquisition and loyalty program, for your in-store and / or online activities, which works with the Hello Visa * Prepaid Card. And it is turnkey. Focus on what you do well, we take care of developing your clientele. Your customers will be the firsts to enjoy this.



Choose the target, the type of offer, the budget and the period of availability.


The client receives the offer on the platform of our affiliate partners or on our mobile app.



The client pays for the purchase with their Hello Visa card and instantly receives his reward.



You get a complete report allowing you to analyze and refine your subsequent campaigns.

How it Works

A customer acquisition and retention solution that works on the Visa payment network. No integration required with your point of sales system or e-commerce website. Seamless for you and your employees, frictionless for your customers.

Why choose Hello? 

Pay by performance! You only pay when we generate sales for your business.

Avoid the hassle of using any of the well-known inconvenience of printable coupons, closed-loop loyalty cards, mobile to mobile payments, ect. for your employees, your customers and yourself.

Get powerful insights on your customers and their purchasing habits.

Respond to the distinct acquisition needs as well as loyalty needs with one single solution that works instore and online.

Intelligently direct your clients to go instore or online based on your current needs or your clients’ preferences.

Generate supplementary revenues with our affiliated programs.


SMBs, franchises, franchisors, etc.

There's plenty of solutions on the market to help merchants acquire customers and build loyalty programs. However, these solutions are invasive for you, your employees and your customers. They provide your customers with a frustrating shopping experience. Your new employee has no idea how to deal with this umpteenth promotional coupon? That's what we mean!


With Hello, you can now have access to an integrated solution where acquisition and retention work hand in hand, where your instore point of sales system and your e-commerce website work together. Never before would your clients love their shopping experience as much with your business!

  • Attract and retain customers: increased sales, revenues and customer engagement.

  • Increase your visibility: integrate your brand image with the shopping experience.

  • No hassle: no integration required with your point of sales systems and no training is necessary for your employees.

  • Analyze results and consumption habits: sales reports and rich data.

  • Pay by performance: fees are only applicable once there is a sale.

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Buy Local

SDCs, MRCs, cities/municipalities, tourism associations, etc.

The pandemic brings an immense amount of challenges and merchants are looking for any means to attract clients in their stores or their websites.  

Where to start? How do we incite repeat business from consumers or provoke them to discover local businesses that have the products and services that they are looking for? Hello Network offers a turnkey solution that specifically meets this need and that works without imposing changes in the transactional process of merchants, while offering them a tool that will allow those merchants to retain their new customer base.

  • From ideation to delivery: our transactional platform is mature and turnkey.

  • Increase the purchasing power of consumers: all while respecting the allotted budget and by offering them a frictionless shopping experience.

  • Offer merchants a non-invasive approach: our solution works independently of your transaction system and of your processes. Say thank you to the Visa payment network!

  • Ensure the sustainability of the initiative: our solution is functional beyond financing or economic aid, we allow merchants to retain the new customers generated by the initiative.

  • Demonstrate real results to your partners and merchants: we have access to multiple and various customer and transactional data that we offer in a de-personalized form.

  • No hassle: merchants are continuously supported by our sales and customer service department.

Are you a promoter or someone who would like to launch an initiative to buy local and encourage local merchants? Contact us!


Sports & Entertainment

Professional teams or leagues, event promoters, venues, etc.

Business in the S&E Industry work hard to maximize their investment returns from their sponsorships.

We offer an additional tool in your arsenal for enhancing your sponsorships.

With Hello, you can assist your partners by directing your audience to their stores and measuring the effectiveness of these initiatives. As a result, this is a new revenue stream for your business. Due to the operational simplicity of the turnkey solution of Hello, you can extend your sponsorship offer to small and medium businesses.

  • Add value to your partnerships and sponsorships: by easily creating new activations with the ability to target the right fans at the right time with the right offers.

  • Get a new revenue stream: especially during off-season and outside your venue. Location and time are no longer boundaries.

  • Increase your brand's presence and engagement: fans will appreciate any perks you offer them, and they'll think of you every time they're rewarded from your partner's offers.

  • Reinvent yourself: keep your fans engaged and generate new revenues for the team and your partners.

Are you working in an S&E organization or in any kind of organization generating revenues from sponsorship? Contact us!


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Hello Network has a mission for enabling brands and merchants to engage more effectively with consumers.


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